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key chains & bag charms

     IMPERDIBILI Keychains - Rhino

"IMPERDIBILI" Keychains - Rhino

by Nannal Giochielli

Hook it to your favorite bag, to your car or house keys. The Rhino is one of  the found objects, children toys, miniature and plastic animals recycled and recreated into fun, unique and funky key chains or bag charms. Marina Pinzuti Ansolini, an Italian architect who works mainly in the cinema as a set designer created these key chains and named them "IMPERDIBLI" which means impossible to lose, hard to miss and also a must have or see.

Hard to choose, but no matter which one you pick ,you are sure to be noticed. They are IMPERDIBILI

  • plastic
  • 5" W X 2 3/4" tall


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